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Conrad-Jarvis, Corp.
217 Conant Street
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Pawtucket, RI 02862-0878
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" Quality confers honor not only on its creator, but on those who extend its use. Painstaking care characterizes Conrad methods throughout our entire plant. "
- John H. Conrad

These have been Conrad Jarvis' core philosophies since the Company was founded in 1917 in Providence, Rhode Island. Mr. John H. Conrad, the Company's founder, was an innovative and enterprising businessman who was intrigued by the mechanics of the braiding machine and who believed that quality manufacturing was the key to success.

Eight decades and several generations later, the wisdom of his vision has been proven. This family-owned enterprise has continued and prospered in the narrow fabric component market. The values espoused by Conrad Jarvis' founder are those which the Company continues to hold in the highest regard and continues daily to execute and improve to the best of its abilities.

Over the years our product line has evolved and expanded to meet the needs of our customers, with the cornerstone of quality always in mind.

ISO 9001: 2000 Certification
120,000 square-foot manufacturing facility
5,000 braiding machines expertly operated and maintained
Full complement of looms and crochet knitting machines
Yarn testing for size, twist, uniformity and strength
Inspected throughout the manufacturing process for uniformity
Thoroughly inspected prior to packaging
Automatic or hand tipping in metal or plastic tips
Pairing, banding, blistering and hang tag capabilities
Precision hot-cut and cold-cut elastic, random packed or oriented bundled
Private label options available
Complete packaging capability:
     - Spooling
   - Blocking
   - Festooning
   - Blister Packaging
   - Shrink Wrap
   - Bagging

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Conrad-Jarvis, Corp.
217 Conant Street, P.O. Box 878
Pawtucket, RI 02862-0878
Phone (401) 722-8700  Fax (401) 726-8860