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Packaged Shoelaces

We have been manufacturing shoelaces since 1917. We maintain an inventory of dyed yarns, polyester, cotton and nylon, which can be converted into laces or cords to meet your requirements for quick delivery. Also, available are "Dye to Match" color orders, and specialty yarns to meet your specific needs.

Our Capabilities Include:
Dress, Casual, Sport and
Work Laces
Boot and Skate Laces
Metal and Plastic Tips
House or Private Label
Blister Pack
U.P.C. Code
Printed Laces

   Packaged Shoelaces

Packaging Available:
Paired and Banded 72 pair per Box, (1 Gross)
1/2 Dozen, 1 Dozen Blister Pack
Bulk 5 Gross Bundles

Packaged Shoelaces
Packaged Shoelaces

Blister Packaging Machine
Blister Packaging Machine

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Conrad-Jarvis, Corp.
217 Conant Street, P.O. Box 878
Pawtucket, RI 02862-0878
Phone (401) 722-8700  Fax (401) 726-8860